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advertising campaign

Branding / Poster / Typography / Advertising campaign

This project was about creating an unconventional advertising campaign around a societal issue. I chose the (over)use of phones and the internet. 

After some research around the subject, I came back to the basics of what it means you are missing when you use your phone. I chose "Be in the moment" with weird scenes that people might miss on when they are on their phone such as insects having sex, someone in a 'borat' swimwear appearing out of nowhere. It refers on all this events that people might watch online whilst actually fun things also happen in real life.

The background action (such as the pigeons) are not always visible at first sight. This is a subtle choice made on purpose so that people look twice or think before they understand the message. It goes with this similar idea of not missing out on life.

Social media campaign endivemole camille


Even though this campaign may not be allowed in a college (because of the pigeon or the naked butt!) his campaign targets people between the age of 16 years old to 26 years old. Young people have been chosen to model these pictures for this purpose, and we can find them in real life situation (having a coffee, taking a selfie...). We could imagine this campaign in a college and in streets where we can see lots of people from this generation. 



I wanted to experiment on photoshop, especially with cutting out people/animals and putting them into another space. All the pictures are free of copyright. Ideally, the campaign would use pictures directly from a photoshoot, allowing more creativity and flexibility in the scenarios.   

I invented "B SAFE Foundation" for the purpose of this campaign, a foundation that assists this audience in using internet in safer ways. I did not chose a real organisation as the idea for my campaign did not fit what I wanted to do. 

I also thought it would be interesting to make A5 Flyers as this is a campaign that could be distributed hands to hand to people. 

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