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volvelle, packaging, information wheel

Packaging / Illustration / Flyer / Print / Edition

My mission was to create a unique and experimental promotional material highlighting the castle of Gizeux and its history. A packaging made for children when they visit the castle with adults.


The design and the print had to meet the following conditions:

  • Economical project

  • Easy to set up and to understand

  • Bilingual

  • Educational product for children

  • Design showcasing the castle’s history

  • Interactive

  • Aesthetics

  • Using my skills in illustration


After some research, I chose to make an information wheel (a volvelle), a rotating information disc that allows to discover information by spinning the disc.

coaster gizeux.gif

The volvelle has on one side an illustration, and on the other a question. The child has to answer the question whilst visiting the castle. What I like about the rotating disc is that the child is interacting and manipulating the object whilst discovering a new room.


I printed it on Silk Coated 250gsm paper that I cut myself. For larger production, it would require thicker paper adapted to children’s touch.


I did the calculations of the angles, the outer circle (18 cm) and the inner circle (15 cm) on paper and then the basic model on Illustrator. Then I made the different illustration which I edited on photoshop.


Having a special history with the castle and the family, I wish to give the illustration to Mr and Mrs De Laffon, owners of the Castle, so that they can sell it and continue their renovation and patronage project.

For this project, we can also imagine a booklet accompanying the disc that has the information on how to use it.I wrote a short text for the occasion:

To you who is in the Château de Gizeux we have a quest for you !

Here is a disk, it is magical !

On one side you will have questions, on the other side drawings,

choose your destiny

Find the answer on your way !

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