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poster & video

 Poster / illustration / advertising campaign

I collaborate with the Eastbourne Boxing Club to optimise their marketing and promotional strategy. Lately, I had the opportunity to work on the poster of the Eastbourne Boxing Show, one of the biggest show in the South East. 

After a number of research around posters in boxing, I realised that most of them had an amateurish feeling (too much writing, too many different types, logos not aligned…). I therefore decided I wanted to make a very visual and elegant poster that would show the beauty of this sport rather than the ‘over cheesy competitive’ feeling of some posters. 

From a long time, I have been planning to make an illustration of two boxers just before their bout starts, when the referee talks to them and that they look at each other.


I also made the different social media collaterals such as the Facebook banner and a poster adapted for Instagram. 

This poster is a first from a series that will represent also women and youths. 

The illustration is available for sale in my shop

For the boxing show in March, I also made a promotional video edited on Adobe After Effects. 

Eastbourne Boxing show video
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