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Brand identity

Branding / social media / infographic

My aim was to create a brand identity for the ethical clothing brand Voisine. Different graphics have been made to assist in the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule as well as the communication on social media.

My missions were:

  • Logo and brand identity

  • Social Media collaterals

  • Facebook banner

  • Images for Facebook and Instagram

  • Infographic for Ulule

  • Ulule web design

  • Strategic and marketing help on Ulule

  • Newsletter design on Mailchimp

After several conversations with Creator Elise Daoudal, I chose a graphic inspired by the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s with a modern twist. In our conversations, the Memphis style was very important, as well as specific colours and shapes. I then completed her inspirations in a moodboard.


Voisine is a logo with a very distinct typography inspired by TV series ‘Saved by the bell’ and with specifics shapes that bring a softness to the whole brand identity.


The shapes in blue and pink are important parts of the branding. They give a consistency to the brand and caractere that fit Voisine’s clothes. The Facebook banner below represents the energy of these shapes.

To contrast with the very distinctive logo, I chose the typo”Gill Sans” that is very simple.


Below is a collection of the different visuals that were designed for this brand. It is important that they can be remembered as they are an essential part for the crowdfunding and the communication on social media.

Facebook Voisine
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