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advertising campaign

Branding / Poster / Typography / Advertising campaign

For this project, I had to take a famous person and devise a type-based poster. Type and type form are dominant features of this series of poster. It is meant to advertise a specific fictitious event, I chose to create 'Women in Sport exhibition' where I would celebrate the words of female athletes.



I chose 3 women to represent this campaign (but we could imagine doing much more!).

Serena Williams who has won the second-most singles titles in tennis women's Grand Slam tournaments.


Ramla Ali who hid her boxing life to her family whilst winning British and English boxing titles, she now represents Somalia in the Olympics. 

Kathrine Switzer who is the first woman to have run the Boston Marathon, as a numbered entrant. During her run, race official Jock Semple attempted to stop her and grab her.

Women in sport are changing the way we view women and sports, and I chose these  athletes because they inspire something in the practise of sports.


Women In sport is an organisation that researches sport from the perspective of women and girls. It drives changes and pushes more women to practise different sports. After studying their brand, I chose a set of colours and typographic style that fit the identity of this organisation.

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